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Advantages of UV printer

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Advantages of UV printer

Uv printer is a kind of high-tech digital printer, do not need to make a printing, colorful, wear resistance, uv protection, simple and convenient operation, printing image speed, fully in line with industrial printing standards. Uv flat plate printer has a broad prospect and is used in more and more industries. Uv printer mainly has the following five advantages.

The first advantage is that THE UV printer meets people's personalized needs. The design sample can be modified at will on the computer. The effect on the computer is the result of the finished product.

The second advantage is that it only takes a few minutes for the finished product to reach the hand, and the production volume is not limited. After printing, the finished product is finished, and there is no need for post-processing such as steaming and washing. Strong flexibility, customers can select the scheme can be printed in a relatively short time.

The third advantage is that it does not use water, no sewage. UV printer is controlled by computer, ink-jet on demand, no waste, no waste water pollution, no noise during the printing process.

The fourth advantage is its rich color. No matter the full color pattern, gradient printing is easy to achieve color photo level effect.

The fifth advantage is that it is widely used. As long as there is a print pattern on the surface of the product can be applied to the UV printer, at the same time the printing of unlimited materials, color printing materials will not have any damage.

In addition, there is no waste during the production of UV printer. Experienced operators can cooperate with a stable UV printer to ensure that the rejection rate is reduced to zero.

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