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Alibaba's Most Trusted Embroidery Machine Brand of the Year

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Alibaba's Most Trusted Embroidery Machine Brand of the Year

8 heads emboridery machine

The BAI embroidery machine I used, I bought  908 last year. Before buying, I made the version myself, a small logo with tatami and small English letters, and then took the effect embroidered with Tajima embroidery machine, and went to each manufacturer to compare them. I mainly want to see the texture and letters of tatami are not clear. Because my requirements are relatively high and it is too expensive to buy Tajima .... I have a general understanding of the situation of domestic machines on the Internet, and I have screened several brands that I think are good, BAI, Baolun and Aoyu. Have scheduled appointments with various manufacturers. The first one to go to is Aoyu, because the most promising is Aoyu, and then I think that Aoyu is in embroidery position ... but their technical staff did not explain, I don’t know what the reason is, so I don’t feel Great, the gap is a little big, and I left with the embroidered version. Then I went to Baolun. The tatami of Baolun was not very embroidered, and the small letters were a little unclear. Finally, I went to BAI. It was actually quite unexpected when they went there. Their factories were larger than those two. It seemed a bit faint. I took three versions and let the BAI proofing staff try. The technical staff there pointed out one of them. The version is a bit out of place, wow, I think they are very professional. Tried one, with a few small flaws. The technician said that they needed to debug the machine, and then they tried it after they adjusted the machine. It was quite a surprise. It was basically no different from Tajima, and it was fixed on the spot after the bargaining there. One units were ordered, and two more units were scheduled after three months. Now I have used it for more than a year, the machine is basic. There is nothing wrong with it, because I also know how to repair it, and I will solve some minor problems by myself. I don’t want to trouble them often and delay time. But I still want to be sighed, wow, their after-sales service is really good, occasionally there is a little problem, I can call them after-sales, that is, the master who installed me at the time, any time I call to respond promptly , And immediately solve the video. I really feel very patient. There are some problems with the two head locks. I called them after-sales and immediately mailed them, and then patiently guided the installation. They also introduced me to 2 customers, saying that they could not finish the goods, and my quality was good. Now the business is good, and we plan to add two more in the second half of the year. Currently considering adding a few heads, the head is more efficient, anyway, other brands are not ready to consider, using BAI feels good.

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