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BAI Overlock Sewing Machine Gn800 for Household Domestic

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BAI overlock sewing machine machine:
The overlock sewing machine can be used not only for hemming, but also for sewing T-shirts, sportswear, underwear, knitting and other fabrics. Overlock sewing machine cutting and sewing can be carried out at the same time, the stitch is like a mesh, and it is also suitable for elastic fabrics.
  • EOC703
  • BAI
  • 1
  • 1
  • 1100 needles/minute
  • Large needle plate Biog presser foot Big bed

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BAI Overlock Sewing Machine Gn800 for Household Domestic
Single/double needles:2/3/4 threads/cover stitch
Package size(mm):448(L) x 363(W) x 319(H)
Overlock density:1-4mm Overlock width:3.0-7.7mm
Voltage:110V/220V Power:90W
G.W:8.5KG N.W:6.2KG
Automatic curling Free arm
Adjustable presser foot pressure Automatic edge planning


BBAI Overlock Sewing Machine Gn800 for Household Domestic
Package Deliver
Package size:448(L)*363(W)*319(H)cm Deliver:Sea shipping(20-30days)
Gross Weight:8.5KG Delivery Time:15 days

Package:Carton packaging & Customized packaging

Deliver:Air shipping(5-7days)


1: We support machine customization and packaging customization. We can

    support delivery within 15 days.

2: Choose transportation methods to reduce transportation costs.




Production Process



BAI Household Sewing Machine is a factory specializing in the production of customized household sewing machines. We have exported the machine to many distributors. Our

machineshave been exported to more than ten countries and regions such as the United  States, Europe, Asia, South America, etc., and have been widely welcomed.

BAIhousehold sewing machines not only pursue high-quality sewing machines, but also pay more attention to service quality. We adopt a one-to-one service standard, can

makecalls at anytime, and provide 24-hour online service. We are honored to establish long-term cooperative relations with customers all over the world, and provide more

high-quality products and services to users at home and abroad.Welcome to cooperate with us, we are always waiting for your arrival.


Q1: Whether to provide samples for free?

A1:Provide free samples

Q2:Is it possible to customize the logo?


Q3: How much can you customize the logo chassis?

A3:100 units

Q4:What is the usual packaging method of the product?

A4:Carton packaging/customized packaging

Q5:How long is the warranty period? How to deal with quality problems?

A5:One year warranty, return or exchange or free maintenance

Q6:Whether there is a quality inspection certificate?

A6:Contains the certificate of conformity and will be shipped to the customer with the machine package.

Q7:Minimum order quantity?

A7:MOQ 10

Q8: How long is the delivery time?

A8:15 days delivery

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Product Inquiry



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