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BAIMA High Speed single head computer embroidery machine

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BAIMA High Speed single head computer embroidery machine

       Today I will give you a brief introduction about the single-head embroidery machine. It contains some data to reflect some parameters. This will help you better understand the embroidery machine. This industry embroidery machine is a machine that can embroider. We usually wear it. Embroidery on clothes and hats is now basically done by our embroidery machines. Because traditional manual embroidery takes too much time and is very inefficient, it is now common to use embroidery machines for embroidery.

        Then there are actually many types of embroidery machines. In terms of speed, there are high-speed and low-speed ones. From the embroidery head of the embroidery machine, there are single-head and double-heads. There are more than a dozen heads. Of course, these are actually all. It is based on your actual situation to decide which type of embroidery machine to choose. What I want to introduce today is that the single-head embroidery machine is a kind of embroidery machine that is more suitable for home use.

        First of all, let’s take a look at the picture. This is our single-head embroidery machine. This embroidery machine makes our mirror series of embroidery machines. We also call him horse head machine. This machine can embroider clothes, show hats, embroider shoes, and embroider bags. All the embroidery materials in the current market and you only need to change the accessories used in your embroidery. The following picture is a single-head embroidery machine and a single-head embroidery machine accessories. There is also a picture


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BAI High Speed single head computer embroidery machine

1:Single head cap embroidery machine is easy to operate, convenient and fully functional.
2:Suitable for cap/hat embroidery ,flatembroidery, t-shirt embroidery, garment embroidery ,shoe embroidery, bag embroidery,logo embroidery.
3:Special equipment such assequin embroidery,taping embroidery ,cording embroidery,towel embroidery,bead embroidery,rhinestone broidery,mixed embroidery.
4:Auto start and color change,200 times color change.
5:Automatic external thread winding device.
6:BAI brand embroidery machine has received favors and praises from various overseas home use customers, small business customers ,design shop customers.

If you want to know more about embroidery machines, you can contact us and we can give you a detailed introduction thank you


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