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Can digital printing counter it?

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Can digital printing counter it?

At present, digital printing is the new technology representative of "green printing and dyeing", which has outstanding advantages over traditional printing. Traditional printing color is relatively monotonous, printing accuracy is poor, sewage discharge is more. These shortcomings can be solved with digital printing, and digital printing printing color gamut larger, higher image accuracy.

In the early years of digital printing, the most obvious drawback was that it was too slow.

Today, however, digital printing technology has evolved from scanner to SinglePass technology, and printing speed has improved significantly. Under the support of SinglePass technology, the printing system is fixed on the beam of the printing equipment, and the transfer device uses continuous feeding mode to transmit the substrate continuously through the printing area at a constant speed. The printing system then completes the printing process of the target pattern.

At the same time, reasonable price adjustment is one of the important factors to promote the development of digital printing market.

In recent years, with the technological progress of digital printing equipment, the improvement of production efficiency, and the reduction of the price of domestically made ink replacement, the cost of digital printing in China has been continuously reduced, and the processing cost has been reduced, showing more and more competitive compared with traditional printing.

Since 2017, the processing fee and processing cost of digital printing have dropped significantly, and the average price of ink has also dropped significantly.

Digital printing does not need to be made in advance screen. If it is produced in small batches, the total cost will be lower than the traditional printing. Although the price of the dyestuff used in digital printing ink is higher than that in traditional printing, the price gap is narrowing. In the future, the advantages of digital printing will become more obvious. With the development of digital printing technology and the reduction of cost, as well as its superior environmental performance, in the near future, digital printing in the whole textile industry will account for an increasing proportion.

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