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Color box printing

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Color box printing

Color box printing belt is widely used in automatic printing equipment such as box pasting machine, box pasting machine, window pasting machine, box pasting machine, etc. It is used to pasting box processing for color packaging boxes in food, medicine, health care products, cosmetics, wine, light industrial products and other industries. Today, I would like to introduce three ways of paper feeding for color box printing machine.

The paper feeding mode of color box printing machine can be divided into three ways: chain feed, back kick feed and leading edge feed.

The printing presses that adopt the chain feed mode are geared and are of lower grade.

Manual paper placement, low efficiency, color/paper feeding accuracy can not be guaranteed.

Second, the back kick paper feeding mode of the press is also geared. Its working principle is eccentric wheel drive connecting rod, connecting rod drive kick cardboard back and forth movement, achieve the effect of feeding paper. Good color registration accuracy. The efficiency also has the big enhancement generally in each minute 100-150 pieces of paperboard, but because the connecting rod is more bulky in the high speed operation the stability is poor.

Most of the printing presses in the market adopt the leading edge feed, which is divided into two transmission modes: gear drive and DC servo motor drive.

The working principle is that the eccentric wheel coupler drives the connecting rod, and the connecting rod drives the cardboard and increases the friction force between the printing belt and the cardboard by vacuum adsorption, so as to achieve the paper feeding effect. After the paper feeding is completed, the front end of the paper is in contact with the biting wheel. The paper is then transferred to the printing section by the friction between the upper and lower bite wheels and the cardboard. The leading edge feeding method can effectively avoid the trouble of feeding difficulty and double sheets of paper, and the production efficiency is higher!

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