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Common image formats for UV printers

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Common image formats for UV printers

Do you know there are 5 formats of image files that UV printer manufacturers often involve before printing?

The first is the AI format, which has the advantages of taking up less space on the hard disk, fast opening speed, and convenient format conversion of special file vector software Illustrator format.

The second is EPS format. This format is one of the general interchange formats commonly used in desktop printing systems. EPS format is commonly used for printing and printing. It can store Duotone information, can store Alpha channel, can store path and screening information.

The third is TIFF. The TIFF format is a labeled image file that is used to hold images made up of color channels. Its biggest advantage is that the image is not limited by the operating platform, no matter PC, MAC, UNIX machine can be universal. It can save Alpha channels and store data in a file.

The fourth is JPEG. The JPEG format is a compressible file used to remove redundant images and color data, resulting in very rich and vivid images with a very high compression rate. In other words, you can get better image quality with less disk space.

The fifth is PDF format. PDF format is a convenient file format. It consists of three main technologies: derived from Postscript, type-embedded system, and data compression and transmission system. The advantage is cross-platform, can retain the original format of the document, royalty - free development of PDF compatible software.

The above five formats are the five image formats that manufacturers often use when using UV printers.

Each has its own advantages and you can decide which format to use according to your needs.


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