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"Digitization" protects Shanxi embroidery(二)

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"Digitization" protects Shanxi embroidery(二)

The technology and industrial revolution with the Internet as the core comes one after another. The combination of virtual and real makes the promotion of intangible cultural heritage more convenient, and also brings great changes to people's production and life style.

In the age of information technology development, full consideration should be given to the public's usage habits and receiving ability, the application of digital technology should be realized, the traditional ways of preservation, management, display and dissemination of cultural relics should be changed, and the effective utilization and sharing of information resources should be realized through the Internet.

Removal of digital collection and preservation of shanxi embroidery culture, and building of shanxi embroidery exclusive database, we can also adopt digital virtual means, takes full use of modern digital technology and new media technology, establishing virtual digital museum, "jin embroidery" culture makes the intangible cultural heritage more intact, for a long time for the masses to provide a rich, diverse "jin embroidery" digital information database.

This method not only greatly saves the construction cost of physical museums, but also greatly enhances the interest of users in understanding the culture of embroidery. It attracts a large number of groups who did not know much about embroidery before, so that they can have an immersive understanding of Shanxi embroidery and learn the culture of embroidery.

Digital protection is the deep application of modern information technology in the field of cultural protection. Digital protection methods are very effective for the original and active protection of most intangible cultural heritage, and can also cover the dead corners that cannot be covered by traditional inheritance and protection methods.In the process of inheriting Shanxi embroidery, if the manual skills of the inheritor can be recorded and protected in a scientific and standard digital way, it will make shanxi embroidery culture emit more glorious charm of life again.

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