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"Digitization" protects Shanxi embroidery(一)

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"Digitization" protects Shanxi embroidery(一)

The embroidery in Shanxi Province is called "Jin Embroidery". It has distinct regional characteristics, which not only preserves many traditional embroidery techniques, but also retains the ancient traditional embroidery elements. However, as time goes by, the inheritance and protection of traditional handicraft faces great challenges, and the cultural memory of "Jin Embroidery" will fade away. It is beneficial to the inheritance and development of traditional culture to protect the craft of jin Embroidery in a reasonable and effective way.

With the rapid development of modern network information technology, the importance of digital technology is becoming more and more prominent. It is of great practical significance to protect traditional handicrafts by means of digital technology.

First of all, the use of digital technology for the preservation of shanxi embroidery skills in an all-round way, the "Jin Embroidery" related text, pictures, videos and other resources to sort out, the use of public favorite way to carry out publicity, such as 3D films.

Secondly, in the transmission process of "Jin Embroidery", the transmission time is shortened and the retention time is prolonged. The inheritor can communicate with the public through Internet messages, questions and answers, etc. to achieve the purpose of publicity. Through digital technology, the propaganda platform of Shanxi embroidery culture increases, and the propaganda way is more advanced.

At present, the number of Internet users is huge and very active. People get the information they need through the Internet. Therefore, the Internet has become a widely used means of information transmission. Internet promotion can be carried out through major forums, microblogs, small video software and other means. Such software is widely used by people of all ages.

AR technology allows people to experience and interact with things in the virtual world in the real world. AR technology is applied to the protection of Shanxi embroidery. On the one hand, the display technique and transmission mode of embroidery are enriched. On the other hand, through AR technology, the production process of embroidery works can be restored. The real world is connected with the virtual world, and AR technology and VR technology are used together. You can see the overall reconstruction of handicraft, unlock the story behind each embroidery work, and discover a brand new world. The establishment of the digital platform breaks the limitation of time and space, modernizes the original transmission mode of "Jin Embroidery" by oral transmission and completes the storage of massive information with less cost to realize network transmission.

The combination of shanxi embroidery skills with modern science and technology has promoted the spread of traditional culture, reformed the traditional inheritance mode, attracted a large number of new blood, and let more people join in. At the same time, shanxi embroidery protection status has been improved, more conducive to inheritance.

The realization of digital protection of shanxi's traditional embroidery art can not only create a good external environment for its own embroidery inheritance, but also provide a platform for the presentation of Shanxi's embroidery culture on the world stage, which has very important practical significance for the revival and development of Shanxi's embroidery culture.

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