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Do you know anything about monochrome flat printing presses?

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Do you know anything about monochrome flat printing presses?

Every day in today's printing technology rapid development, there is a call monochromatic tablet technology belongs to the letterpress unique technology, but its printing speed is slow, is eliminated by silk gravure, and other advanced technology, this is not to say that monochromatic tablet technology in letterpress printing machine on nothing, it still has its unique advantages, the advantages of printed works embodies the particularly strong stereo feeling, especially when its use in colour simple works, the printing effect is better, this is very popular with the market. In the existing technology, the use of monochrome plate technology embossing machine main shortcomings are slow ink speed, slow embossing speed, low production efficiency.

To overcome these shortcomings, someone has developed a monochrome flat printing machine.The main structure of this monochrome flat printing machine is the ink-feeding mechanism. It is located on top of the printing mechanism. After the ink-feeding roller of the ink-feeding mechanism attaches the ink on the ink plate, it rolls the ink onto the ink-transmitting roller, which controls not only the operation of the ink mixing machine, but also the amount of ink supplied.Ink transmission path is in turn: first before the transfer ink roller transfer ink to the axis, from the ink on the shaft to the group after the ink roller, ink roller and inking transfer shaft with group after transfer the ink to the ink roller, the transfer of ink stick has experienced a number of device, decorate evenly sprayed on transport ink roller, so as to make the printing quality guaranteed.

According to this monochrome flat press, the printing press moves faster, the paper is positioned more accurately, the ink is not only faster, but the ink is more uniform. It solves the problems of slow ink speed, slow embossing speed and low production efficiency in the existing technology.

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