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Five behaviors of damaging the nozzle of UV plate printer

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Five behaviors of damaging the nozzle of UV plate printer

In most cases, the damage to the nozzle of UV flat plate printer is irreversible. As the damage deepens, the quality of printing declines continuously on the one hand, and on the other hand, it cannot be repaired and needs to be replaced, which increases the cost of maintenance.

Then what are the five behaviors of UV plate printer nozzle damage?

1, printing surface smooth material, such as: mirror glass, metal sheet, etc. During the printing process, the surface of these materials will reflect the ultraviol rays emitted by the UVLED lamp. If you are not careful, the sprinkler head will be completely scrapped in 1 minute. At present, some coating can be wiped to reduce the intensity of reflection, but will also greatly shorten the life of the nozzle.

2. Replace UV ink at will or add different batches of UV ink, because the internal composition of different UV ink is different. If added, it will react and cause improper pattern color in the printing process; if added, it will cause wire drawing, broken ink, and nozzle blockage and scrap.

3, the printing height is too low, this will directly cause the nozzle in the printing process by the material rub on the surface, bring irreversible physical damage to the surface jet hole, so control the printing height within 1-3 mm.

4. Work environment, which is easy to overlook.

UV plate printer requirements is to avoid light, less dust production workshop, remember not to direct light irradiation, the sun's uv will accelerate the nozzle blockage scrapped.

5, cleaning liquid cleaning nozzle, to choose the same brand, do not change different brands, cleaning liquid itself is corrosive, change other brands, will cause the nozzle blockage scrap.

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