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Four ways to solve the UV printer lack of adhesion

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Four ways to solve the UV printer lack of adhesion

Today, UV printers have many advantages because of their wide range of applications and printable materials.Since its launch, it has been widely welcomed, but some friends said that the UV printer after printing, the top of the mass peeling scratches a little. Even if it has a good printing effect, it is useless without a long shelf life and practicality.

There are four ways to improve the adhesion of UV printer.

UV printers have special inks, soft inks, hard inks and neutral inks. Different inks are used for different materials. Inks on the market now vary in quality. The cheaper the ink, the poorer its quality, compatibility and adhesion, leading to ricoh nozzle damage, nozzle blockage is more likely. So when we do not know which UV ink to choose or when the UV ink is out, you can directly consult the original manufacturer to buy. Flat printer manufacturers choose UV ink after a long - term inspection, to a large extent to ensure the quality of ink.

The printing environment humidity of the printer is too high, which will cause the surface of the material to be damp. Ink printing is not easy to completely dry, affecting the quality of printing. So when the WORKING environment of UV plate printer is too low, especially in winter, the printed pattern is easy to crack and flake. Conditional workshop needs to install air conditioning, so that the indoor temperature is not less than 15℃. At the same time, to avoid moist environment, when the humidity in the air is more than 70%, moisture is easy to condense on the printed materials, resulting in poor adhesion.

In the process of reprinting, if the LED lamp power is too low, UV ink will not be completely cured in the material surface, so the adhesion of the pattern will become poor. We can turn on the power of the ULTRAVIOLET lamp. If it is not enough to increase the power of the UV lamp, it is necessary to replace the uv lamp with a higher power.

If it is printed on some materials with smooth surface and poor adhesion, it is necessary to paint on the surface of the materials. Different materials should be coated with corresponding coatings.


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