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How do You print a pattern on a lipstick tube?

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How do You print a pattern on a lipstick tube?

Lipstick is a must-have item in many women's handbags, and it is also one of the best-selling products in the cosmetics industry.

So as a lipstick vendor, how can you attract customers to buy your lipstick? In addition to excellent quality, the appearance of the lipstick tube is also considered by customers. If you print some unique patterns on the lipstick tube, it will quickly attract their attention. So how does a lipstick tube print a pattern?

UV flat-panel printers are using digital printing, users only need to do a good job in pattern design, and then into the computer after printing software, UV flat-panel printers will be according to the file on the computer the printing ink on the lipstick tube directly to the surface, and that is a dry, can be a full color printing, without plate making, image to print a completion, compared with the traditional printing process has many advantages.

UV printer for lipstick tube to bring a new way of printing, with the color configuration of white gloss oil can be printed to complete 3D relief three-dimensional effect, the machine is environmentally friendly UV ink, printed out of the lipstick tube green environmental protection no peculiar smell.

UV printer can print one piece, the effect of the printing of three-dimensional relief is also very good.

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