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How do you price embroidery work?

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How do you price embroidery work?

          Many people's embroidery career started with home embroidery machines, but when they want to make money with embroidery machines, how to price becomes their biggest question. This article is to answer how they can solve this problem well. of

          When you are preparing to start a formal business, I think you'd better find your accounting and tax experts. This will solve many of your problems. This will help you to better calculate your costs. You can only calculate your costs. Better pricing

          If you only want to sell once, you don’t need to calculate it so accurately. You can charge a dollar for a thousand needles. This is very simple. If you don’t want to make money, it doesn’t matter how much you charge, but I suggest you still charge for it. Because all the consumables and raw materials you need cost, if you are free, I think your friends will always come to you to help him do embroidery for free, so if you want to have your own embroidery machine and plan to use this Embroidery machine to make money, these are all you need to consider. In fact, the price of embroidery is very simple. You only need to calculate your cost and add 30% of the profit. Then you will make money in the early stage. Later, when your technology is more mature, your profit can be increased appropriately. After all, at that time, your reputation is already relatively high. Adding a little price is actually okay.

          So where is your cost? The main ones are your consumables, your labor, your electricity bill, your site, and so on. Some of the losses you want. Add these to our profit. I think this is our ultimate Of course, you have to compare the prices of peers so that your price is not too high or too low, which is actually not good

           So if you want to know more about embroidery, you can come to consult us. We will have professional service staff to answer all the questions you want. Welcome your questions. We will be waiting for you 24 hours a day. Thanks for visiting

How do you price embroidery work

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