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How does screen printing make a good product?

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How does screen printing make a good product?

Automatic screen printing machine is named according to the degree of automation of screen printing machine, is a development trend of screen printing machine after manual screen printing machine, semi-automatic screen printing machine. With more advanced technology and skills, the silk-screen printing process becomes more accurate, faster and more automated. So how does screen printing make a good product?

First we should pay attention to the ink mix. The degree of concentration to ink through the screen, the printing surface does not appear mesh or wire drawing as well.

The degree of thinness to the screen, ink by its own weight can be achieved through the mesh but not dripping is best. When the line of printing is thin, should adjust thin point, conversely, should adjust thick point.

The second is the network version of the choice. The quality of silk cloth is stable with uniform diameter and accurate mesh number.

The third is the choice of scraper. The scraper is mostly made of polyurethane. The abrasion resistance, solvent resistance and resilience of polyurethane rubber scraper are better. Its hardness is 60~80 Shaw. Screen tension, the surface smoothness of good substrate, should choose a high hardness scraper. On the contrary, should choose low hardness. In the surface of the substrate printing, scraper width should be narrow rather than wide.

The last one is the process of screen printing. If the printing speed, the amount of ink is less, but not easy to block the net. Therefore easy to block the screen of the ink, scraping speed should be faster.

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