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How to maintain uv flat printer in winter?

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How to maintain uv flat printer in winter?

First of all, we have to do a good job of eliminating static electricity. When buying a printer, we can propose to the printer manufacturer to add some accessories, such as electrostatic removal system and so on. In the installation of the machine must require the manufacturer of technicians to the door when the discharge of static grounding wire installed in place. There is as far as possible in the printing of the surface of the material with dust-free cloth dipped in water or alcohol for a simple wipe, these will effectively reduce the impact of static electricity on the printer.

The second is to do a good job of cleaning nozzle cleaning work. The most important thing is to clean the shower head. We can also add a moisturizing pad or buy a cover to cover the machine and isolate the dust and sundries in the air. The best choice for the cover is black to avoid direct sunlight.

Finally, the scientific control of indoor temperature.The temperature of the UV printer should be kept between 20 ℃ and 28 ℃. We can turn on the air conditioner to adjust the temperature.

If the UV plate printer is frozen, the ink flow will become poor, it will easily cause the jet hole blocked.

In addition, in the cold and low-temperature dry workshop environment, the material is easy to generate static electricity with the machine, static electricity will affect the sprinkler head, when working ink jet.

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