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How to remove acrylic UV printing screen errors?

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How to remove acrylic UV printing screen errors?

Acrylic is an organic compound, has good light transmittance, its transparent and transmittance is like glass general, light transmittance reaches 92% above, advantage is bask in waterproof, use for a long time outdoors also is not afraid of material deterioration, anti-aging performance is good.

Acrylic is often made into signs, corporate culture display boards and so on. Acrylic is a good planar material, printed on acrylic, can be printed out concave-convex feeling, touch the hands have layers, more visual effect. Then what problems should we pay attention to when we do UV printing on acrylic sheet?

You cannot turn off the UV printer or unplug it while it is running.UV printing belongs to digital printing, which is controlled by computer. If the power is turned off, printing will be interrupted.The acrylic surface is smooth. If there is dust in the air of UV printing environment, it is easy to accumulate on the material surface, resulting in the pattern showing white and other colors missing.When UV printing, the height of nozzle and acrylic should be suitable, the nozzle is too high or too low from acrylic will cause the printing image blur or double image.Coating should be sprayed on the printing surface of acrylic before UV printing, because the surface of acrylic is relatively smooth, and the UV printing image is easy to scrape off directly on it. Spraying coating can make the UV pigment better adhere to the surface and not easy to scrape off.

When printing a mistake, if it is noticed immediately, spray it with alcohol and wipe it off gently after a while. If it's been printing for more than 12 hours, we can soak it in alcohol for 30 minutes and then tear it off. If more than 24 hours, you can use hydrogen peroxide, banana oil cleaning.

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