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How to solve the problem of UV printer printing image too dark?

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How to solve the problem of UV printer printing image too dark?

In the printing process of UV printer, the user finds that the pattern editing process has not been modified, the ink has not been replaced, and the nozzle is in good condition, but the image printed on the material is not bright and dark enough. So what is the problem? In fact, it's on the curve.

The function of the UV printer curve is to adjust the color ratio according to the specified requirements and restore the image output by the UV printer. A small setting is also set to reduce the dark portion of the curve behind the value when the operator sets the print accuracy and the passage. If the dark value is too high, it will inevitably reduce the final brightness of the pattern.

It is worth noting that, due to transmittance, brightness and other reasons, the dark curves of the same group of different materials will have normal colors and some will be dim, which requires technicians to constantly accumulate corresponding experience.

The image output by the UV printer is not bright enough to solve this problem by adding a rising Angle behind the curve to the color software. The specific elevation Angle value requires technicians to perform actual debugging according to the color condition of the customer pattern, so as to reach the required standard.

In addition, sometimes the image output from the UV printer will suddenly fade, which can be caused by only three reasons.

The first reason is that the amount of ink in the print setting is too low. Usually, in the UV printer image control software, there will be 40%, 60%, 80%, 100% and other different ink output control. If the operator is inexperienced, he will print 100% ink with 80% ink, which will make the output image relatively light. The solution is to increase the amount of ink.

The second reason is that the print PASS is too low. Different PASS printing color and accuracy, usually on some small material objects to carry out high-pass printing, so that the pattern can be clear, colorful; If it is a large print, you can choose a lower print. This requires timely setting of print PASS for different materials based on practical experience.

The third reason is the impact of print materials. The transparency, gloss, smoothness and other properties of the negative affect the final UV print, resulting in some output images that are lighter, while others are deeper.

These problems require UV printer technicians to accumulate experience in the actual printing.

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