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How to solve the problem of series color in UV ink application?

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How to solve the problem of series color in UV ink application?

In the UV ink printing process, the most troublesome problem for operators is the cross- color. This problem is generally caused by inappropriate printing color sequence arrangement, printing pressure did not adjust to the optimal state, UV ink liquidity is too large. In order to solve the UV ink series color problem, it is recommended to start from the following two aspects.

The first step is to arrange the printing color sequence properly. When the ratio difference of each color in the printed pattern is large, it is easy to appear the phenomenon of cross-color. color sequence, the ink can be printed with a small amount of color, and finally printing with a large amount of color, which can not only effectively avoid the phenomenon of color series, but also can make the ink volume to the maximum, more full color.

The second step is to adjust the printing pressure reasonably. We want to solve the problem of color series in UV ink printing process, printing pressure adjustment is also critical. For example, rubber drum and plate cylinder between the pressure must be adjusted to the standard pressure; Blanket best use UV printing blanket; The key color group adopts independent UV curing device, etc.

In a word, the factors affecting the use of UV ink are closely linked to each other and influence each other, printing enterprises in the application of UV ink in the process must be considered from multiple angles, eliminate thorny issues, give full play to the advantages of UV ink.

These are the two details that we often need to pay attention to when printing. In many cases, we may cause a great loss because we do not pay attention to it, so we should check the details and steps before printing.

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