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Leather UV printer features

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Leather UV printer features

Now UV printers in the leather industry is referred to as leather printing presses, are different from the traditional printing machine, there are some manufacturers of UV printing machine belongs to the inkjet printer, the printing nozzle in contact with the object is not, in the process of making traditional printing deformation due to heat and pressure, and so on, gradually the progresses in leather color and color printing, and save the middle of a complex process, so, what are the typical features of today's leather in the UV printer?

First of all, the leather UV printer adopts the UV printer color printing leather with variable ink drop technology, which can realize the high-precision reduction of color printing patterns and the fine effect of pattern conversion, support the relief effect, and realize the tactile and visual difference of different color printing areas.

Secondly, the UV printer uses UV ink color printing leather, cured ink is extremely stable, with high color fastness, color printing pattern scratch resistance, wear resistance, can achieve long-term use of leather patterns will not change color, will not fall off.

Thirdly, UV printer color printing leather does not need plate making, printing process ink drying, color printing can be directly packaged into the warehouse, reducing the time cost. With the function of batch color printing, it can complete the uniform color printing of multiple leathers or different color printing of each leather in the same batch. It should be noted that the same batch of color printing of a variety of leather needs to ensure that the height of the different leather is consistent, to prevent wearing the sprinkler head.

Above is the characteristics of leather UV printer, its function is very perfect, print out the effect is also particularly good, loved by the public.

For manufacturers, the use of leather UV printer production products can also improve production efficiency and save production costs, to create a greater profit space.

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