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Print color mode for UV printer

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Print color mode for UV printer

The Printing color mode of UV printer is CMYK mode, which is our common printing mode. It has one big difference from RGB: RGB mode is a glowing color mode where you can still see what's on the screen in a dark room. CMYK is a color pattern that relies on reflections. How do we read the content of newspapers? It's when sunlight or light hits us and bounces back to our eyes that we see the content. It needs to be lit from the outside, and if you're in a dark room you can't read a newspaper. As long as the image is displayed on the screen, it is represented in RGB mode. The image you see in print is represented by the CMYK mode. For example, periodicals, magazines, newspapers, posters, etc., are printed out, then it is CMYK mode.

Similar to RGB, CMY is the initials of three printing ink names: Cyan, Magenta Magenta, and Yellow Yellow. K is the last letter of black, not the first letter, in order to avoid confusion with Blue. In theory, only three kinds of CMY ink is enough, and they should be added together to get black. But due to the current manufacturing process has not been able to produce high purity ink, CMY added result is actually a dark red. Therefore, it is necessary to add a special black ink to blend.

Tricolor has long been used in color printing. The black (synthetic black) is a different color from the real black (pure black K), which is a mixture of three printed primary colors. So the printing is done in four colors -- three primary colors plus black. At the same time, in the latest printers, in order to improve those images with poor printing particles, the error diffusion method has been used to add two colors of ink: light blue (LC) and light magenta (LM), so there are six colors of ink.

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