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Print embroidery

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Print embroidery

Computer print map is a product of science and technology of China's reform and opening-up, in the 90 s, it is in a very accidental opportunity will become the best partner with embroidery, unpreparedness to be present at the head of the biggest market share of the nation's embroidery, embroidery around for marketization, industrialization on the wings of revenue, make computer spray bottom embroidery contemporary remarkable embroidery rookie.

The appearance that it changes traditional embroidery to get design picture first, stretch stretch with brushstroke to make draft next, match good embroider line by the master that has experience and understands colour again, open the traditional procedure of embroider again finally, encounter famous family painting to serve as pink this pure appreciation sex embroider, still need embroider person to have better fine arts foundation and the condition such as understanding.

And computer art embroider, the design that needs to embroider only dozen spray go up in embroider cloth, embroider worker can compare the colour design on cloth to use color to embroider, not with embroider send for limit, no matter what kind of picture, can be more convenient, quick embroider makes a work.

Greatly reduces the labor cost, shorten the production cycle, computer spray HuiXiu in only ten years of time, it is with aggressive attitude into the field of embroidery, popular throughout the country, is deep families welcome of consumer, as well as local and embroidered niang has brought the unprecedented opportunity and economic returns, the prosperity of both the market and get rich, its positive significance is visible, and its rapid popularization, for contemporary embroidery economic growth has opened up a channel, has diffused splendid.

However, there are also some unsatisfactory embroidery products printed by computer. Most of the embroidery pictures printed by computer are created by others, such as oil paintings, photography, traditional Chinese paintings, decorative paintings, etc., which may violate intellectual property rights.

Additional, the embroider draft of computer spray painting some because of the color of print hazy, some because of the brushwork meaning of print indistinct, embroider niang embroider makes when cannot discern to judge its meaning, can be specious but not ground is finished only, affect embroider quality on certain level;

Computer print at the bottom of embroidery but also because of its popularity, versatility, and convenient in common, almost all have been adopted by the contemporary "four famous embroidery" origin, therefore, on the market is very difficult to embroidery from different origin, distinguish between an embroidery, in fact is not the essential difference between, the four most famous embroidery the protection of the traditional craft skills is facing unprecedented challenges.


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