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The characteristics of traditional Chinese embroidery(一)

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The characteristics of traditional Chinese embroidery(一)

Embroidery is an excellent traditional Chinese craft, with a long history, but only after many years of profound learning and cultivation, the excellent embroidery artists will be transported needle and color mutually appropriate, in order to interpret a perfect work. Accordingly, how to move needle to use line between square inch, at the same time won't be too vulgar colourful qiqiao again, still can behave quietly elegant and delicate elegant elegant elegant elegant elegant elegant elegant elegant elegant elegant elegant elegant elegant elegant elegant elegant graceful bearing, just be the place that embroidery makes a person praise to be praised most with longing. The main characteristics of traditional embroidery art include three aspects.

The first is talking with lines. "Line" is the character of Chinese art, which is reflected in the form and concept of lines in painting, calligraphy and cursive script. Embroidery is the ultimate expression of lines. When the embroiderer is arranged and combined in the needlepoint with careful clever thinking and skillful technique, the line has rich dialogue and expression.

The second is the perfect combination of embroidery and painting. Embroidery depends on the form of painting. It must have a drawing first, and then be pricked on the fabric during the process of analyzing the content of the drawing with needle and thread. But the embroidery is different from writing on an impulse. Painting, embroidery artistry is the performance of the line, color and light, and that all requirements of needle embroidery artists must property and the drawing object of media characteristic, modelling, colour has a complete training, observation and grasp the ability after through the arrangement of the stitch, color separation, and the embroidery art, by needle drills for painting to create, can say every embroidery painting works are embroidery artists educated work force performance.

The third is the symbolism of embroidery patterns. In folk embroidery patterns, a large number of auspicious patterns generally use symbolic expression, the idea of praying for blessings and resisting evil and dispelling evil spirits, through harmonics, understanding, borrowing, metaphor and other methods into graphics.

This technique has been passed down from generation to generation, constantly expanded and improved, and finally formed the creation principle of "every image must be intentional and every intention must be auspicious".

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