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The difference between T-shirt printing machine and hot stamping machine

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The difference between T-shirt printing machine and hot stamping machine

T-shirt printing machine refers to a digital direct-spray color printing equipment for personalized printing or mass printing on garments and garments. T-shirt printer can be in black, red, white T-shirt in any color, such as no version of the color printing, without plate making, the need to print the pattern input directly to the computer, the computer to control the T-shirt printer to print the pattern on the T-shirt directly, convenient and quick, not limited by batch, a seal, and the cost will not increase because of the small batch sheet.

The T-shirt printing machine is used to directly spray ink onto clothes and is connected with the computer via USB. After the image size and position are edited by the special RIP software, the printing command is directly sent. It is easy to operate, and full color is printed at one time without platemaking. Compared with the traditional process, the T-shirt printed by the T-shirt printing machine has bright color, good hand feeling, good air permeability, no fading, no peeling, and no cracking.It can be printed individually or together for mass production. All colors of clothes can be printed: light-colored clothes can be printed directly, while dark-colored clothes need to be made into a screen to scratch white glue and make a white bottom, and then spray color ink on the white bottom.

The hot stamping machine transfers the patterns on the paper to the clothes through high temperature transfer.There are three main concepts, pressure, temperature and time.Its working mechanism, is through the heating plate heating, with a certain pressure, a specific temperature and time, the transfer paper layer and the thermal bonding to the substrate or permeate to the substrate above.Heat transfer hot stamping can only be made in one piece.

T-shirt printing machine is mainly used for all kinds of pure cotton products, genuine leather and other natural products.

Hot stamping machine is mainly in the chemical fiber fabric transfer color is very bright, in the pure cotton fabric transfer color is a little lighter, this is the fabric of the adsorption degree of ink.

The above introduces the difference between T-shirt printing machine and hot stamping machine in detail. They have their own advantages and disadvantages and complement each other. They are of great help to the garment printing industry and promote the development of private customization.

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