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The market impact of UV printers

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The market impact of UV printers

After more than ten years of development, UV printing machine in the domestic printing industry has a not small position, especially in the toy printing, advertising production industry, home decoration industry is more and more widely used, enough to see the UV printer equipment is in the future market role in the need is how much influence.

The first is the gift box business. The domestic gift market has reached $9.8 billion. On the gift printed on their own photos or favorite picture text icon, get rid of the stereotyped nature of the gift, has become a popular trend of gifts, can reflect the value of the gift and the unique originality of the giver.

The second is the home decoration industry. Domestic home decoration decoration market has reached tens of billions of dollars, the family personalized decoration is also quietly popular. Users print their favorite photos or images on tiles, decorative paintings, floors and furniture according to their favorite household styles, and decorate their homes with their favorite styles to create their own individual space.

The third is the leather industry. The development of shoe market pays more and more attention to individuation, especially the pursuit of young people is more and more unique. Shoes printed with three-dimensional patterns, to a large extent, can attract the attention of young people, improve the sales level of shoes, it is necessary to work hard on the packaging of shoes. At the same time, in addition to shoes, similar to purses, rod boxes, schoolbags, belts, etc., the use of UV flat-screen printer to print some custom patterns and patterns, but also to a large extent can attract the attention of consumers. This market is also an opportunity that every industrial manufacturer is reluctant to give up.

The fourth is the art photography industry. With the rapid development of digital images, people are no longer limited to printing their own photos on photo paper. Digital printing system can print any image on metal, glass, crystal, acrylic, oil painting, ceramics and other products. The effect of products printed on different materials gives people different feelings. People can print their own photos on different materials to enrich the form and effect of photos.

The fifth is advertising. In the past, the advertising industry has chosen many devices that print well on soft materials. Of course, it also has its disadvantages, even if the curing time is long. Once the plate or other hard material is processed, the spray painting machine is powerless. With the increase of hard materials such as tablets in the advertising market, in order to improve the advertising display effect, more and more business owners will choose to use both hard and soft machines. At this point, the functions of the UV flat panel printer will be highlighted. Such as time cards, metal membership cards, authorization cards, name tags and other full color printing is difficult to achieve.

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