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The reason why the UV printer is slow?

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The reason why the UV printer is slow

For a printer, the factors affecting the printing speed mainly include the processing speed of the computer, the data transmission speed, the data processing speed of the internal processor of the printer, the size of the cache, the size of the nozzle, the number and so on. Most domestic printers have very weak internal data processing function and need the help of computer to print data processing. So in many cases of low system configuration, the main reason for slow printing speed is not the printer itself, but the processing speed of the computer is too slow. To determine whether the printing speed is affected by the speed of the computer, we can start from the following aspects:

1. Whether the print head often stops to wait for data during printing.

2. You can open the system resource monitor to see if the system resources (such as high CPU usage and increased memory) are tight when printing.

3. If more than one application is running while printing, please close other applications to see if it will affect the printing speed.

4. If possible, connect the printer to another computer and test the time it takes to print the same content.

5, if it is a computer system problem, the computer system to start to solve, switching to other printers will not have a significant effect.

For text printing, the data transfer may not be a big problem, but the amount of data for image printing is huge, and the speed of data transfer may also affect the printing speed.

If the transmission speed is too slow, the print head will also stop to wait for data during printing. The data transmission capacity of ordinary printing port is only about 1Mbps, which is obviously inadequate for high-precision image printing. The newly produced printer generally supports USB interface, and its data transmission capacity can reach 12Mbps. Therefore, if possible, try to use USB interface. High-end printers also use The firewire interface, which transmits faster but requires a dedicated interface card.

If both of the above factors are excluded, it is the printer itself that really affects the printing speed. In the case of certain printer hardware, to improve the printing speed only to reduce the amount of data. Unless it is necessary, generally do not use ultra-high precision image files, do not use too high printing resolution, to find a balance between the printing quality and the amount of data, because beyond a certain standard, too high image precision and printing resolution, the output has little impact, can only prolong the printing time.

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