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Type of ink for UV flat plate printer

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Type of ink for UV flat plate printer

There are many different types of UV flat panel printers, so the types of inks used by different UV flat panel printers and the price of advertising materials for these inks are also different. What are the types of UV flat panel printer inks?

Below I will understand with everybody next plate printer ink classification method and common type.

According to the color base classification, we can divide the printer ink into dye-based ink and pigment ink. Dye-based inks are dye-based inks and are used in most inkjet printers. Pigment inks are inks with pigment as the color base.

If we classify inks by solvent, we can divide inks into water-based inks and oily inks. Water-based ink to water and water-soluble solvents as the main components of the solution color base. Oily ink to insoluble solvent as the main component of the color base.

From its own nature and the actual requirements of the printer, water-based ink and oily ink is absolutely not allowed to be mixed in the same print head.

These are the two ways in which we generally distinguish the types of inks. Only when we understand the properties and advantages of ink can we apply it better in textile.

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