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Types of coatings for UV flat plate printers

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Types of coatings for UV flat plate printers

Although uv flat-panel printers can in almost any graphic printing pattern on the material, but due to the characteristics of different material surface, high density, uv ink adhesion, flexibility and other performance difference, causes the ink prone to peel and part of the material, fall off wait for a circumstance, it is need to use special coating to solve this problem. At present on the market common UV plate printer coating type has the following several kinds.

The first kind is glass, ceramic tile coating.This coating is suitable for plexiglass, toughened glass, glazed ceramic tile, crystal and other glass materials with special treatment.At present, there are two kinds of quick-drying coating and baking, the former can be put into UV plate printer to print patterns after wiping, the latter spray gun, need to be put into oven to bake for 20-30 minutes, the temperature is controlled between 80-120 degrees, take out and then print patterns.

The second is the PP\PC\PE coating.The adhesion of some PP materials is very poor, usually this type of material is not easy to blend into the ink, because the density is relatively high, need to wipe down the PP coating.These types of coatings are those that dry immediately after hand rub.Clean cloth after wiping can be put on THE UV plate printer to print.

The third is metal coating. This kind of coating applies to the material such as aluminium, copper plate, tinplate, aluminium alloy, have oven to bake likewise and hand wipe two kinds, method and coating of ceramic tile glass are same. Hand rub doesn't work as well as baking. Another advantage of metal coating is that it can be used on melamine sheets, which is much more effective than melamine coating.

The fourth is leather coating. This coating is suitable for real leather, leather, PVC, PU, etc. Spray on the leather surface and let it dry naturally. Leather coating is mainly used in water or weak solvent ink is suitable for UV plate printing only leather coating.

The fifth is ABS coating. This coating is suitable for wood, PVC, ABS, gypsum, thickened kraft paper, acrylic, PS PVC and other material surface. ABS coating is rarely used in UV flat plate printing.

The last one is a silicone coating. This coating is suitable for silicone, rubber material. Poor surface activity.

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