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UV printer color management(二)

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UV printer color management(二)

The first reason for the big color deviation of the actual pattern of UV printer is the accuracy of the equipment itself. Although the two different types of printheads on the printing accuracy and PASS are the same, the actual printing effect is different. For example, a spray nozzle with a large hole diameter has a larger ink drop, so the resulting pattern is less delicate than a small spray nozzle.

The second reason for the big color deviation of the actual pattern of UV printers is the ink problem. The pigment composition and proportion of the inks produced by different manufacturers are different, which also leads to the different patterns of the final UV printing. So users in the use of UV printer, it is best to use the manufacturer specified ink, to avoid the use of poor quality ink caused by the ink road, nozzle blockage.

The third reason for the big color deviation of the actual pattern of UV printer is the printout software problem. The pirated software cannot accurately restore the color code 100% and then send the data to the printer head, which is also the reason for the big color deviation of the actual pattern. However, the color management system is not so good to operate, but also must follow a series of prescribed processes, in order to achieve the desired color effect, which requires us to have a good understanding of the core elements of the color management system: namely, equipment calibration, characterization and color conversion.

1. Equipment calibration In order to ensure the stability, reliability and sustainability of color information transmission, it is required to correct the input equipment, display equipment and output equipment to ensure that they reach the best working state.

Input correction: Is to the input equipment brightness, contrast, black and white field (RGB balance) correction. A calibrated scanner, for example, should get the same image data for the same manuscript whenever it is scanned. Display correction: To cause the display of color data in an image to display colors accurately on a display. Output correction: Correction of the image setter based on the correct image of the display; Calibration of printing machines and proofing machines to ensure that paper, ink and other printing materials used in the equipment are up to standard.

%1. As mentioned above, one of the cores of color management is to establish equipment files. As a standard, it is a bridge between two color Spaces (PCS). In a nutshell, color management system according to the characteristics of the input device file, the data files transferred to the features of color space, then according to the output device (displays, a prototype) properties file, the color information of data files transferred to the output device color space, so as to ensure the consistency of color reproduction in workflow.

3. Color Conversion The third core of color management is the color conversion module (CMM), which is used to interpret the device feature file and convert color data of different devices according to the device colors described in the feature file. A basic principle of color conversion is that the same color is guaranteed to remain the same color on different devices. To do this, a device-independent color system is required to measure the color on each device, and any device-related color space can be represented in this color space. If different device-related colors all correspond to the same point in the device-independent color space, then the conversion between them must be accurate.

During color conversion, the color data is first converted to the color value of PCS through the device characteristics file, and then converted to the color value of other devices as required. According to the principle of color changes mentioned above, want to achieve good printing effect, we must strictly control selected for UV printer ink, if the ink is not up to standard, moisture content is exorbitant, ink is easy to dizzy, drops is difficult to control, can't control the color depth, right makes the colour depth is mixed, print effect will be without administrative levels, colour gloss is not enough. In addition, the working environment to maintain moderate air humidity, because The UV plate inkjet printer in the work whether before or after printing is very taboo water.

If the air humidity is too wet, it will make the printing material damp, resulting in the printing effect is not ideal. So to keep the air humidity moderate, that can compensate for the ink in the heat and the loss of water, also ensure that the print material is not damp, printing work smoothly.


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