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UV printer color management(一)

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UV printer color management(一)

UV flat panel printer is the most popular digital printing equipment in recent years. The main reason is that THE UV plate printer has the function of printing relief, the use of UV plate printer can achieve instant dry fast shipment, in addition to the UV plate printer can print perfect color patterns of an important pillar is a color management system in the UV plate printer.

At present, most UV printers in the market are designed with multiple printing modes for customers to choose, which can deal with various printing situations. But the printing effect may not be ideal, there is no layer of color, no gloss, this is why?

What should be paid attention to in order to avoid this kind of situation in the printing operation of UV flat plate printer?

We want to know why the UV printer can choose multiple printing modes, and a single printing of multiple colors, rather than the traditional printing needs color? That is because the current market UV plate inkjet printer used multiple color control technology, so most of the realization can control 8 colors, broad color area. By controlling the concentration of the ink droplets, the multi-color control technology can mix 1 to 9 color variations according to the depth of each color, so it can completely deal with all kinds of color printing. Moreover, it can be printed with white and varnish, making the color brighter and more expressive and layered. If you have ever used a UV printer, you must have encountered a situation where the color of the pattern on the screen is very different from the color of the pattern printed out. Especially in some spot color above, the difference is greater. This period author produces the reason to this circumstance to make a detailed introduction for everybody.

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