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UV printing machines

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UV printing machines

Nowadays, for those who often use UV printing machines, they are confused about how to improve the authenticity and accuracy of color printing. With the change of times, the machines that have not been upgraded in the past are more and more unable to meet the requirements of today's product printing. So is there any way to improve it without changing the machine?

In the use of inkjet equipment, if the use of high quality ink, high performance printing equipment, and high standards of software combination, of course, can make the printing screen to achieve a more perfect color effect. Because an off-the-shelf ink curve is an inkjet solution set for a specific scenario (for example, a specific ink, a specific inkjet printer, a specific printing medium). Therefore, when choosing consumables for inkjet printing equipment, users are advised to choose and use the original ink provided by the manufacturer or the recommended high quality ink.

This is because the inks of the original printing equipment provide the best ICC curve for ink-jet printing equipment through testing and calibration of the printing equipment and ink gamut. Select primary ink to achieve better color reduction. But other inferior ink, did not reach the printing color standard, failed to achieve a good color curve correction, so the printing color difference is very large, poor imaging quality.

In addition, in order to ensure the accuracy of color, in addition to high-precision printing technical support, must also use high quality ink. Ink selection and printing equipment gamut correction and ink curve and equipment color scheme adjustment. Correct ink selection will make the screen output of printing equipment closer to the original picture, achieve better color recovery, achieve rich color expression.

For a high quality ink, each color should be close to the color of theoretical printing. However, in the actual market, ink color will have a certain difference, this is due to different ink raw materials, production technology and strict printing color standards. Today's printout software (RIP) is more powerful, basically has a powerful color adjustment function, ink jet printing equipment has excellent performance and output software (RIP), through the software color fine tuning to obtain excellent image output quality, to achieve better printing color accuracy.

The accuracy of color expression on the advertising screen can better reflect the gamut effect of the overall advertising picture, and the ink-jet technology can achieve ideal application effect in the ink-jet industry, which must meet the industry's high requirements for color accuracy.

Therefore, the quality of printing is determined by three factors: high-quality ink-jet printing equipment, high-quality primary ink selection, and high-standard RIP printing program (including driver, ink drawing scheme ICC curve, etc.), which together achieve high-quality color effect of the image.

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