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What are the special requirements for UV inks?

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What are the special requirements for UV inks?

Compared with ordinary inks, the application of UV ink printing equipment has certain requirements. Now many of the printing enterprise, for example, by adding UV curing devices on the ordinary offset printing machine for UV printing, but this way of equipment reform exists many problems, such as UV ink strong corrosive, may cause the ordinary rubber roller, rubber swelled, influence the stability of the printing pressure, serious when even will lead to surface of rubber roller peeling or fracture phenomenon. Therefore, UV ink printing cots and blanket very high requirements, the general requirements of the use of UV printing cots and blanket.

UV ink viscosity is high, corrosive, not only easy to make ordinary ink chip cracking damage, resulting in UV ink into the tooth transmission mechanism, so that the tooth drive motor due to too much resistance and failure, and cots adjustment mechanism and ink roll swing mechanism are also easy to be damaged.Once these failures occur, they can be cumbersome to deal with.When the UV printing ink into the ink after tooth transmission mechanism, must immediately stop, will ink tooth transmission mechanism is removed, or else it will be difficult to clean, however the ink tooth transmission mechanism due to the internal parts design very closely, remove more trouble, especially in internal cylindrical elastic pin size is very small, easy to damage in the process of disassembly, so that will cause secondary damage to the printing equipment.Therefore, in order to avoid the occurrence of the above faults, the most important premise is to use reliable quality ink, in addition, also requires operators to strengthen the daily maintenance of printing equipment, cleaning to be thorough, and the use of qualified accessories and raw materials.

This is the UV ink printing equipment requirements.

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