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What should we do when there is an error in the UV printer?

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What should we do when there is an error in the UV printer?

UV printer operation is very simple, only one computer can complete all the procedures.

However, for new UV printer friends, more or less will encounter some problems. Such as UV printer failure pattern quality appears error during printing, UV printing printer in printing production, due to the nozzle failure, put with the adjustment of the height of medium quality appear the error factors such as design, the main reason or nozzle drops, ink leakage, or nozzle and material medium too close, the surface friction of the nozzle in the medium, which can lead to design printing on deviation.

First, we need to make sure that the environment around the UV plate printer is clean.

Excessive dust in the working environment will easily lead to poor lubrication of the automobile guide shaft, hinder the movement of the printing head in the printing process, resulting in inaccurate printing position or damage, resulting in the collision of the mechanical frame. When restarting the print head without returning to the original position, the printer will first return the print head to the original position and then clean the nozzle, thus causing unnecessary ink waste. The solution to this problem is to regularly dust and lubricate the guide shaft.

The second is the transmission of the UV printer.After printing data, the indicator will continue to flash, even if the start key is pressed, the UV printer still cannot print, this is also a common printing fault, inexperienced operators difficult to deal with. It should be noted that if the UV printer in the printing process were not correct print operation, even if the print job stop, there will still be some of the rest of the computer to print data transmission to the UV printer, its memory retains the print data, but in the UV printer seems the data is invalid, unable to complete printing work, can also lead to subsequent print can't work properly.

The third is to ensure that the UV flat plate printer has a solid working platform.Do not place anything on top of the UV flat panel printer. The front cover of the printer must be closed when printing to prevent dust from entering the machine or other hard objects that impede the movement of the printing locomotive. Do not insert and unplug the printer cable lob, this will damage the printer print port and PC port parallel, or even damage the PC motherboard.

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