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  • Q Who buys computerized embroidery?

    A Anyone who likes a unique logo now has a lot of clothes, hats and shoes, which will have embroidery. He represents this fashion. Almost all clubs and teams will have embroidery on their clothes. Usually uniform uniforms will have embroidery on them. The emergence of this represents the unity of the group or a culture of the company, so there are actually many people who will buy embroidery
  • Q How is computerized embroidery made?

    A Input the finished embroidery design drawing into our computer. Transfer some instructions needed for embroidery to our bai embroidery machine. The operator uses tools to fix our items (T-shirts, hats, etc.) to our machine. The operator can also set the color of the thread we need. After the setting is complete, we can press the start button to embroider our embroidery. Is it quite simple?
  • Q What is computerized embroidery?

    A Specialized embroidery machines have been designed to work with data from a computer. This data instructs the machine to stitch a particular design, determines the correct stitching order, indicates when to trim threads, and many other functions. In only a few minutes, the computerized embroidery machine will stitch a design that would take your grandmother a week to do by hand, and embroider with precision accuracy that no human can match for near perfect quality!
  • Q What is embroidery?

    A The art of adorning or embellishing; to decorate with ornamental needlework. Today, this means adding dollar value to garments by embellishing them with names, corporate logos and sports symbols, to name a few. Embroidery is more than fashion or trend, it has been a form of class distinction since the days of the Egyptian Pharoahs.
  • Q When can you ship the goods after payment?

    A We have single-head embroidery machines in stock.  Other models usually one week
  • Q How soon can I receive the machine?

    A  Shipping can usually be received in about a month.
  • Q How to pack? Will it be damaged during transportation?

    A Wooden packing.  Thick wooden box is very strong.
  • Q How to ship? Can it be shipped to my home?

    A It can be transported by sea or air.  Most countries can be shipped to the door, if you need, you can chat with us your address privately, and we will check it for you.
  • Q How to use this machine? Is it difficult?

    A This machine is very easy to use.  We provide detailed machine instruction videos.
  • Q After receiving the machine, do I need to assemble it?

    A Only need to assemble the base.  very simple.  And we provide instructional videos.