How is the quality of BAI embroidery machine?

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How is the quality of BAI embroidery machine?

good quality embroidery machine

The BAI company's machine technology is mature, with a long history and comprehensive coverage.  The BAI company cooperates with other top-tier Chinese manufacturers to build a supply chain system.  Formed a large-scale, custom-made clothing supply chain system covering the industry.

As for the quality of the BAI embroidery machine?

Don't take our word for it...

Customer feedback sounds more effective!!

Customer feedback sounds more effective!!

Join the thousands of embroiderers 

succeeding with our equipment and support.


1.US customer:

absolutely had the best customer service and experience with Louisa, machine is very good quality and sturdy.


2.Panama customer:

La maquina es calidad, vendedora es belleza, servicio es espectacular, me gusta.


3.US customer:

This was my first transaction with Alibaba and the supplier. Louisa was great throughout the communication process, she made me feel comfortable and confident on the product I was purchasing, and what she was selling. So far the machine is great. It was an overall good experience and I definitely will use this supplier again.


4.US customer:

Good worker with customer and she deserves 5 stars 


5.South Africa customer:

excellent supplier


6.US customer:

Friendly and helpful supplier.

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