How to choose a home embroidery machine?

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How to choose a home embroidery machine?

At the beginning of embroidery from hand embroidery, embroidery machine is not a real sense of embroidery machine. Because the embroidery machine at that time was a traditional sewing machine, with a small round hole on the bottom plate, the sewing machine needle kept up and down in and out, plus hand with the embroidered frame stretched cloth, moving back and forth. Actually, this kind of so - called embroider machine, still be a kind of hand embroider actually. In 2009, domestic independent research and development of the world's first 6-stitch 86 head computer embroidery machine. Embroidery machine plays a very important role in the process of adding color for textile fabrics. Today we will introduce to you how to choose and buy a home embroidery machine.

First of all, the precision of the machine we choose and buy must be high, if the precision of the embroidery machine is not enough, then the product produced will not be very good-looking.

Second, the software must be powerful. The software function is not strong, the pattern design level is impossible to go up, because now most people's copyright consciousness is not strong, leading to the world's software developers are not many, so the choice of software is very important.

Finally, the machine life, the machine life is guaranteed by the life of the parts. Parts wear and tear aging, first precision decline, then is the damage of parts, spare parts interchangeability is not good, embroidery precision will be at a discount.

Price is not the element that chooses embroider machine, embroider machine belongs to industrial product, production cost decides machine quality. If you buy a poor quality product because you are cheap, you will lose more than you gain.

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