Introduction of the advanced computer embroidery machine

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Embroidery machine

Computer embroidery machine is the most advanced embroidery machine, it can make the traditional manual embroidery get high speed, high efficiency, and also can realize the manual embroidery can not achieve the "multi-level, multi-functional, unity and beauty" requirements. It is a kind of mechanical and electrical product that reflects a variety of high new technology. With computer embroidery replacing manual embroidery, computer embroidery machine will also become the main type of embroidery industry.

Generally according to the embroidery system function can be divided into: ordinary plain embroidery machine, gold piece embroidery, towel embroidery, winding embroidery, laser embroidery, flocking embroidery, hat embroidery garment embroidery, high-speed machine, and so on, while there are a variety of high-end models with mixed functions, such as three in one, four in one.

Computer embroidery machine can also be divided according to the head, the number of needles, stitch:

1. It can be divided into single head and multi-head machines (2-24 heads) by the number of heads.

2. According to the number of needles in each end, it can be divided into single needle and multiple needles (3-12 needles).

3. It can be divided into plate type and drum type in the form of feed guy.

4. It can be divided into lock stitch (301 stitch) and chain stitch (101 stitch).

As a result of each machine model has machine head how many, machine needle how many, stretch frame form and line trace form problem, undertake these combinative arrange, fine classification, embroider machine type will be a very big number, consequently it can satisfy the client need of different level, different scale, different requirement.

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