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We have two main brand products ,BAI embroidery machine series and POOLIN Printing machine series

Embroidery machine and printer

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  • The printing press(一)


    The printing press(一)Printing is one of the four great inventions of the ancient Chinese laboring people. Woodblock printing was invented in the Tang Dynasty and was widely used in the middle and late Tang Dynasty. Bi Sheng invented movable type printing during Renzong of Song Dynasty. Although mova Read More

  • The printing press(三)


    The printing press(三)Letterpress is the oldest and most popular type of printing. The embossed part of an image or text does not accept ink. When pressed against the paper, ink is printed on the paper. Printing plate material mainly: movable type, lead, zinc plate, copper plate, photosensitive resin Read More

  • The printing press(四)


    The printing press(四)Woodblock printing was invented in the Tang Dynasty and was widely used in the middle and late Tang Dynasty. Woodblock printing developed to its heyday in the Song Dynasty, and there were many kinds of prints. At the beginning of block printing, there was only monochrome printin Read More

  • The printing press(二)


    The printing press(二)The invention of writing brush and ink made it possible for readers not only to read but also to write. It was not necessary to have an engraver on hand as in the days of knives and pens, and it was more convenient to record their thoughts. That is why, before the Spring and Aut Read More

  • Do you know anything about web printing machines?


    Do you know anything about web printing machines?Screen printing is a kind of hole printing, which belongs to one of four printing methods.Here's how it works: during printing, under certain pressures, a machine is used to run ink through the holes of the plate in a predetermined way, and eventually Read More

  • How does screen printing make a good product?


    How does screen printing make a good product?Automatic screen printing machine is named according to the degree of automation of screen printing machine, is a development trend of screen printing machine after manual screen printing machine, semi-automatic screen printing machine. With more advanced Read More


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