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We have two main brand products ,BAI embroidery machine series and POOLIN Printing machine series

single head embroidery machine

If you want to know more about the single head embroidery machine, the following articles will give you some help. These news is the latest market situation, trend in development, or related tips of the single head embroidery machine industry. More news about single head embroidery machine, are being released. Follow us / contact us for more single head embroidery machine information!
  • "Digitization" protects Shanxi embroidery(二)


    "Digitization" protects Shanxi embroidery(二)The technology and industrial revolution with the Internet as the core comes one after another. The combination of virtual and real makes the promotion of intangible cultural heritage more convenient, and also brings great changes to people's production an Read More

  • Sequin embroidery


    Sequin embroideryThis series of computer embroidery machine is on the basis of the ordinary plain embroidery machine to add sequin embroidery function. We can use this series machine to embroider into an elegant, fashionable, personalized embroidery pattern, is a new generation of products in the fi Read More

  • Embroidery machine


    Household sewing machine international market demand growth is obviousAffected by the COVID-19 epidemic, many countries are experiencing a "mask shortage", and the news of people using sewing machines to make their own masks is frequently reported. In April, it was reported that the sewing machines Read More

  • What’s the attached accessories with the machine?


    What’s the attached accessories with the machine?As we all know, when you buy an embroidery machine, it is necessary to consider which accessories are included in the machine. Does the supplier provide enough accessories?01.If your choice is BAI embroidery machine, as shown below, you will get such Read More

  • How to solve them if there are any quality problems?


    How to solve them if there are any quality problems?01.Teaching and maintainEnglish teaching instructions manual and all the videos about every step of machine disassembly, assembly, operation will be sent to our customers, including how to use and maintain machine. Read More

  • About embroidery threads and needles


    How to choose stabilizer or backing paper when you embroider*Types of StabilizersThere are a few basic types of stabilizers, and many of them come in different weights. Each kind will typically list the most appropriate usage, but you can try a few and see what you like best for what you are working Read More


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