Sequin embroidery

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Sequin embroidery

This series of computer embroidery machine is on the basis of the ordinary plain embroidery machine to add sequin embroidery function. We can use this series machine to embroider into an elegant, fashionable, personalized embroidery pattern, is a new generation of products in the field of embroidery, widely used in fashion, handbags, wedding gowns, sweaters, shoes and hats, curtains, bedspreads, ornaments, high-grade crafts and other embroidery technology.

In addition to the features of ordinary plain embroidery machines, this D-series computer embroidery machine also has the following features:

1. There are many devices to choose from.

2. Double side, front side and single side installation can be selected as required.

3. stable performance, reliable structure, the highest speed up to 750 RPM.

4. the function is many, may satisfy the pattern diversification embroidery request.

5. the use of fork structure, convenient and fast adjustment.

6. Adopt centralized hooking, automatic color change and automatic line cutting.

Its main configuration:

1. Basic configuration becS-328, and according to the requirements of users can be selected becs-C18 /C88/216/266/316/366 and other high-end specifications of the computer;

2. Spindle motor: Drive according to user requirements

3. Embroidered frame drive: full servo drive or step drive is optional;

4. Original imported spinning shuttle from Japan, original Italian Megadyne belt;

5. New linear drive guide;

6. Automatic wire cutting device (optional).

8. Design and manufacture models of various specifications according to user requirements: Number of stitches: 4/6/9/12/15 stitches; Number of heads: 1~50; Embroidery range: X direction: 150-1100mm, Y direction: 300-1500mm.

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