Which service is better for embroidery machine brands

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Which service is better for embroidery machine brands

embroidery machine After sales service

I am an embroidery service shop for embroidery machines myself. In our locality, there are many shops that provide embroidery services like me. They mainly do embroidery for clothes for customers. I also used brother and SWF machines because The price of the machine is very high. I bought two BAI Chinese machines last year. At that time, I was worried that the embroidery effect was not good and the stability of the product could meet my requirements. So I found a few embroidery versions that I often embroider for customers. Let the BAI factory proofing. 

2emboridery machine After sales service
1emboridery machine After sales service

When I received my samples, I was still very surprised. The embroidery effect was very good. So I ordered two 500 * 800 machines because the embroidery patterns in our country are too large. When I ordered, I was worried about their after-sales, but when I received the machine, I was still very satisfied, because the machine was packed in a wooden box, and it took me two or two hours to complete the test of the machine. Yes, there was a problem in the process of using the machine. One of the armrests was deformed by me. Contact their after-sales staff, and they actually sent it to me for free. New accessories, and later some small problems, they are quick video screen to help me solve the problem. Two machines will be purchased this year, and the after-sale is very good. It is recommended for you to use.

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