About machine
Frequently Asked Questions About Machine itself
Frequently Asked Questions About Machine itself
Frequently Asked Questions About Machine itself
  • No limits of imagination. If you can hoop it, you can embroider it. Embroider caps, garments,bags ,hoodies jackets, leather, shoes, patches and plenty more with our Mirror Series. ,With single head 12 or 15 needles and the attachment, this commercial embroidery machine is perfect for your startup embroidery business.
  • The embroidery machine is equipped with a 10-inch touchable LCD computer.
    The operating principle is very easy, just like using ipad.
    You can learn to operate this machine computer in 5-10 minutes.
    Each BAI machine  includes a computerized control panel that holds 20 millions stitches of storage,you can upload and edit design settings and create customized lettering directly on the panel.
  • There are two methods:
    You could pick it up by yourself, our warehouses are in Los Angeles(California), Atlanta(Georgia), Linden(New Jersey).
    We also provide 7 days door-to-door shipping, you will get a tracking number after delivery.

  • We provide English operation guides. As well as teaching and maintenance videos, in five languages: Chinese, English, French, Spanish and Arabic. It's all free.
    We will ensure that you have no worries from unpacking, threading, etc. until the machine works successfully. If you need any further help, our team is available for a video call with you.
    You could also get more skills in our YouTube channel, live broadcast, blog and Facebook groups.
  • Each machine comes with a USB, you could upload your design to the USB, then plug it into the computer, your design will show automatically. You could also use our network cable to transmit your design.
  • Yes, BAI's computer supports photo embroidery. However, we recommend that you convert it to DST or DSB format, the embroidery effect will be better. If you just want to have a try, you could use the photo directly.
  • Hatch, Embrilliance or Wilcom software is recommend, or you could find one that suits you locally. We also have Dahao EMCAD, if you have some experience, you could buy this software on our website. If you are not good at using software, you could find a special designer to make design for you.