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Nowadays, more and more people make money through embroidery business, but many people still don't know what products can be embroidered by embroidery machine. This blog will introduce the various uses of embroidery machines in detail, so that you can have a clearer understanding of embroidery.

04 July 2022

Introduction of flat embroideryPlain embroidery series computer embroidery machine products, widely used in fashion, curtains, bedspreads, toys, decorations, arts and crafts and other embroidery technology.This series of products has nine main functions and features:1. Liquid crystal display: it ado

03 August 2020

The history of machine embroideryNearly 20 years after Isaac Singer, an Englishman, patented the first sewing machine in 1846, Josue Heilmann invented a hand-embroidered machine by hand. Heilmann's machine consists of a frame for fixing embroidery cloth, a needle assembly and a handle for handling t

31 July 2020

Stopping on a thread stand these days is like visiting a candy store-there are many beautiful threads to choose from.What is bobbin filling? In short, this is a lightweight thread that can be wound onto the bobbin. Use this thread when using embroidery thread for embroidery or decorative stitches.Wh

15 April 2020

How to thread the embroidery machine?Threading an embroidery machine is an essential part among all. If you failed to thread correctly, then you won’t get any good result. Let’s divide the whole procedure into two part; 1)Upper threading 2) Threading the needleUpper threading:If upper threading is n

19 October 2014

What’s the attached accessories with the machine?As we all know, when you buy an embroidery machine, it is necessary to consider which accessories are included in the machine. Does the supplier provide enough accessories?01.If your choice is BAI embroidery machine, as shown below, you will get such

17 April 2018
B Embroidery-Machine-Maintenance-Bobbin.jpg

How to Maintain Embroidery Machines ?

12 April 2017