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How to Embroider a Cap ?Hats & caps… just one of the many clothing articles we as embroiderers get to have fun and be creative with. Caps are a staple of the embroidery business. According to a survey several years ago, over 80% of profit-making embroiders do caps. That being said, it makes sense to

23 March 2011
A Flat Embroidery.jpg

What is flat embroidery ?Flat embroidery is the most common embroidery used, it is where the decorative stitch is applied directly to the cap fabric creating a flat design. Flat embroidery can be used for the most intricate and detailed designs without distorting the image which makes it the most po

06 April 2016
A Bobbin Winder.jpg

How to use Bobbin Winder ?SETTING UPFixing the Bobbin Winder to a plastic bobbin box allows you to use both hands for the process. The bobbin winder has a T-shaped slot in the base, which is designed to straddle the box at the point where any one of the interior dividers intersects with the side. Po

08 September 2016
G Leather Embroidery.jpg

Don’t Let Leather Embroidery Intimidate You ! You might think it wouldn’t be easier to leave embroidering on leather to the professionals, but it can look great and is doable as long as you follow instructions and take it slow !It’s true that leather is intimidating to work with, it’s unforgiving. I

24 September 2015

Towel embroideryTowel embroidery, characterized by its strong three-dimensional sense, rich hierarchy and gorgeous colors, has a broad development prospect in the fields of children's clothing, home decoration and women's shoes and hats.The functions and features of this series of machines1. Large c

02 August 2020

Introduction of flat embroideryPlain embroidery series computer embroidery machine products, widely used in fashion, curtains, bedspreads, toys, decorations, arts and crafts and other embroidery technology.This series of products has nine main functions and features:1. Liquid crystal display: it ado

03 August 2020

Sequin embroideryThis series of computer embroidery machine is on the basis of the ordinary plain embroidery machine to add sequin embroidery function. We can use this series machine to embroider into an elegant, fashionable, personalized embroidery pattern, is a new generation of products in the fi

31 July 2020

What’s the attached accessories with the machine?As we all know, when you buy an embroidery machine, it is necessary to consider which accessories are included in the machine. Does the supplier provide enough accessories?01.If your choice is BAI embroidery machine, as shown below, you will get such

17 April 2018
B Embroidery-Machine-Maintenance-Bobbin.jpg

How to Maintain Embroidery Machines ?

12 April 2017