Art on the tip of the needle(2)

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Art on the tip of the needle(二)

In the last article we introduced the origin of embroidery and the characteristics of Su embroidery. Next, we will introduce the characteristics of Shu embroidery, Xiang embroidery and Yue embroidery in detail.

Shu Embroidery, which occupies the top spot among the four famous embroiders, originated in Sichuan.The reason it takes the top spot is because it has so many stitches. There are more than 130 kinds of needles in twelve classes. Compared with Su Embroidery, it has a much longer history.

Shu embroidery began as a tribute in the Tang Dynasty and became world-famous during the Song Dynasty, reaching the peak of embroidery. Because of the complicated stitching, shu embroidery is extremely exquisite, lifelike, rich in aura, full of three-dimensional sense.

It's still revered and captivated the world.

Xiang embroidery originated from folk embroidery. Xiang embroidery has a history of more than two thousand years and combines the advantages of Su embroidery and Yue embroidery.

Xiang embroidery pays attention to realism, so no matter it is flowers, trees, birds, songs, insects and animals, it is both form and spirit. As a xiang embroidery embroider, not only will embroider, but also can draw. The first step of Xiang embroidery is to make a manuscript, outline it on wax paper, and then copy the patterns on the wax paper to the silk, and then through a variety of stitches and silk thread collocation to achieve a realistic effect. To achieve such effect, the color of the silk thread of Xiang embroidery is extremely rich.

Although it has only a history of more than one thousand years, Yue Embroidery is the most widely spread embroidery abroad. It has been going overseas since the Ming Dynasty. The most important thing of Yue Embroidery is material. It has its own unique pursuit for four kinds of materials. The highlight of Yuexiu is the combination of peacock feathers and embroidery, with a wide variety of threads.

Embroidery, a unique art, is also the oldest art. With different cultural regions show different styles, with a unique charm in the shuttle in time.

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