BAI Embroidery Machine

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  • MIRROR-1201/1501(350*500mm)
  • BAI
  • 1
  • 12/15
  • Caps / T-shirts / Flats / etc.
  • 350mm*500mm
  • 270°
  • 1200 SPM
  • Topwisdom 510
  • Servo Motor
  • Cordings / Sequins / Beads Device
  • 16 kinds of languages
  • Cap / T-shirt / Flat Attachment / etc.

Start Your Business With Low Investment!

Are you worried about high cost making it impossible to afford an embroidery machine with high quality?

Let you keep more money in your pocket, which you can invest back into your business and be closer to your dream of creating a successful custom apparel business.


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Your All-inclusive Embroidery Machine Package


Always Give You The Best Support

BAI is the only company that offers unlimited lifetime technical support 7 days a week and after regular business hours.

Whether you’re working on new projects late in the evening as a side hustle or trying to catch up on customer orders over the weekend, we got your back no matter the time or place!


We’ll Teach you Everything From A To Z

Our YouTube Channel: BAI Embroidery Machine, offers rich videos series with details you concern about,such as: embroidery operation, frequency maintenance, embroidery craft sugesstions,etc. Based on it, you would carry out orders easier and faster and get more confidence in embroidery.


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Los Angeles / Houston / Atlanta / Linden

Option A: Home Delivery within 7 days

Option B: Self Picking-up the second day

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