BAI Embroidery Machine BAI Embroidery Machine
BAI Embroidery Machine BAI Embroidery Machine
BAI Embroidery Machine BAI Embroidery Machine
BAI Embroidery Machine BAI Embroidery Machine


BAI Embroidery Machine

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  • BAI

  • 1/2/4/6/8 Heads

  • 12/15 Needles

  • Hats / T-shirts / Flats / etc.

  • 1200 SPM

  • 16 kinds of languages


Start Your Embroidery Business With Low Investment And Make Money!

We offer the best embroidery machine price while providing high quality and performance, as well as the best service and support.

Sales 1-M5

Offer Easy Payment

Payment is pretty convenient. Credit card and other payment are both supported. 

Sales 1-M6

Get Machine Quickly

We have warehouses in Los Angeles, Houston, Atlanta and Linden. You can choose to pick up your machine in our warehouse or let us deliver the machine to your door. 

Sales 1-M7

What's Included with the machine?

You would get a business starter kit for huge savings on everything you need to start your business, as well as warranty, free training and lifetime support.

Sales 1-M8

Discover The Endless Possibilities !

You can embroider on hats, shirts, jackets, bags, etc. With this machine, you would have unlimited business possibilities.

Sales 1-M9

Offer Free Training

Worried about not being able to easily use this machine to embroider? Just rest assured, BAI will help you climb the learning curve with ease and start embroidering right away.

Sales 1-M10

Offer Lifetime Support

BAI offers unlimited lifetime technical support 7 days a week and after regular business hours. Our engineers and sales reps are always here to assist you no matter the time or place.

Sales 1-M11

Trusted By Wide Embroidery Shops

Rely on BAI, countless embroidery shops start their embroidry business from 0 to 1.

Sales 1-M12