Embroidery version of the software

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Embroidery version of the software(一)

Computerized embroidery pattern making system is the necessary equipment of computerized embroidery machine, which has been widely used in clothing, shoes and hats, bedding, leather and other industries.The representative software is Tajima, Balinda, Bossi Tajima, Wilcom and so on.These software by virtue of digital embroidery design, as well as vector art, automatic needle weaving, tattooing pattern and so on perfect printing technology advantages, has been widely praised by many users on the market.

As embroider craft develops rapidly, the embroider software technology that forms a complete set with embroider processing also obtained considerable progress likewise, also gave birth to a batch of outstanding embroider software supplier at the same time, they roll out the embroider software with superior performance, convenient operation, complete function one after another.

Tajima embroidery software from Japan has advanced typewriting and stitch editing functions, advanced vector input and full function VBE system and wonderful stitch effects.

Enter a drawing application, for example, and choose the type of stitch you want, easily turning it into an embroidery pattern without having to stroke or stitch it again. In addition, pictorial fonts can be converted to peripheral line designs to increase the variety of typography and design.

Barudan embroidery software from Japan has powerful digital functions. You can create embroidery shapes with rotating stitch and parallel stitch; Can be used to scan or input artwork on the screen for digital pattern design. Has a range of digital tools and stitch types.

Wilcom provides embroiderers with a quick and flexible way to create pattern designs. In addition to working directly with vector artwork, you can also access advanced "shaping tools", so the whole pattern design process from concept to actual embroidery is integrated into one.

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