Global embroidery machine brand ranking in 2020

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Global embroidery machine brand ranking in 2020

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Hefeng, Shengming, etc. (in no particular order) have a good reputation and have a certain market share. Each company's focus and market direction are different and each has its own strengths. Xinsheng, Yuelong, and Maya mainly focus on the lace market, and their main business is overseas markets such as India and Pakistan. Hefeng mainly specializes in personalized customization, with rich products, and likes to overcome industry problems and actively innovate. The heating wire, electric wire, and needle-on-line fly-knit upper embroidery are relatively mature. At present, large manufacturers have bought them.

In recent years, the single-head and embroidered hats of the custom-made single-head hat embroidery models have also emerged from many emerging brands, such as BAI, Fuwei, Ruicoma and other manufacturers. It is recommended that you can choose according to your actual needs Brand, high-precision industrial equipment of the machine, production requires experience and technology, which will be fully reflected in the stability of the machine in the later period, failure rate, beautiful appearance, scrap rate, etc. Everyone makes large areas, special embroidery, Or flat embroidery, to choose the machine that suits you.

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