History of computer embroidery machine manufacturing industry

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History of computer embroidery machine manufacturing industry

Joshua Heilman produced the first hand embroidery machine in 1828, and it was widely used once it was built. In 1864, Groebli developed the shuttle embroidery machine, which combined the hand-operated embroidery machine technology with the sewing machine technology at that time. The machine's utilization of locking needle brought a thorough revolution to machine-embroidering. Eltac Co., based in Kyoto, Japan, introduced the first electronically controlled eight-unit paper tape machine to the multi-head embroidery machine in 1967. In the 1970s, electronic technology was widely used in shuttle embroidery machine, which brought the update of embroidery machine technology. Meistergram exhibited his first character computer embroidery machine at the Bobbin Show in 1977. In 1977 and 1978, Barudan and Tajima Industries Ltd. each made their first fully computerized multi-head embroidery machines.

In 1988, China's first computer embroidery machine was jointly developed by The Beijing First Light Institute of The Ministry of Light Industry and Qingdao sewing machine Factory, announcing the birth of China's computer embroidery machine industry.

From the initial stage of tracking imitation to the rapid growth stage of category expansion, and then to the stage of phased adjustment and transformation influenced by the international financial crisis after 2007, China's computer embroidery machine industry has completed the original technology and capital accumulation, and preliminarily realized the adjustment of product structure and regional industrial layout.

Electronic control technology is a technology with rapid replacement speed, and also the core technology of sewing and textile equipment. Enterprises in the industry must adapt to the industry characteristics of rapid technological progress, rapid product update and rapid market demand change.

Technology and product development have important influence on the market competitiveness and future development of enterprises. If the enterprise can not accurately predict the development trend of electronic control technology, the grasp of the product and market demand deviation, can not timely adjust the development direction of new technology and new products, or the development of new technology and new products can not be rapidly promoted and applied, the enterprise will be likely to face the risk of technology and product development.

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